Child Maintenance

We are of the view that this topic will assist most of our brothers and sisters, after being inundated with questions/complaints regarding Child Maintenance.

Please note the following when you refer/lodge a maintenance claim:

  1. Detailed particulars of the child
  2. Detailed particulars of the father/mother/guardian
  3. The whereabouts and details of the person whom you want to claim child maintenance from (ie names, home or work address and contact details)
  4. Make a list of the daily or monthly needs/wants of the child and get a reasonable price for each item
  5. Based on paragraph 4 above, make a reasonable monthly expenditure in respect of the child.
  6. The amount you get in 5 above, can be claimed as child maintenance.

Please note that a child is defined as a person under the age of 18 years. further note that a person older than 18 years may still claim maintenance from a parent if that person needs maintenance and he/she is unable to support himself/herself. Eg a student can claim maintenance from his/her parents until he completes his studies.

Please note that both parents of a child have joint obligation to maintain and support their child.
A duty to maintain and support a child exists irrespective of whether a child is born in or out of wedlock.
In determining the amount to be paid as maintenance in respect of a child, a court takes into consideration the parents respective means (salary or monthly/weekly/daily income). 
It simply means if you earn more you pay more.

Should you have a valid maintenance claim just approach us or any magistrate court near you and ask for maintenance office.

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